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About Scott Moresi, LMFT

About Scott Moresi, LMFT

Hi! My name is Scott Moresi, and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 50427) and Certified IFS Therapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’ve been working with and helping adolescents, adults, and the LGBT community for the better part of the past 20 years.

Having been born and raised in the Bay Area, I’ve developed a deep curiosity about human relationships and cultural diversity… both of which led to an early fascination with psychology. I have known I wanted to be a therapist since the seventh grade, as it was my own therapy that helped me not only persevere during some severe bullying I was experiencing at the time, but also to ultimately recognize my own value and self-worth.

My interest in health and wellness grew as a young adult, after going through the mental health care system myself and spending countless hours in unsuccessful therapy sessions. I knew there had to be a better way to help people heal, grow, improve their relationships with themselves and others, and realize their full potential. After graduate school, I spent 2 years in an intensive internship at the Pacific Center where I learned many modern and exciting new approaches to psychotherapy, including somatic approaches to processing emotions, which inspired me to go on to seek advanced training in several proven somatic trauma approaches. After completing my internship at the Pacific Center I went on to work in various settings in community mental health including the foster care system, and working in juvenile halls with incarcerated gang youth.

After many years of personal self-discovery and thousands of hours of professional training, I’ve been able to create a somatic and mindfulness approach to psychotherapy based on my ongoing training in EMDR, IFS, and Hakomi that really works (Beyond Words Psychotherapy), and a life that I love and know I deserve… and I want to help you do the same thing: create a life that you truly love living! I believe that when an individual finds peace and happiness within, their presence not only positively impacts them personally, but all those around them.

In other words, by doing our own work to heal and grow, we become more capable of helping others do the same.

Choosing to do my own inner-work provides me with greater insight and makes me a therapist with integrity; one who is direct, results-oriented, extremely resilient, and very compassionate.

In addition to the work I love, I’m married to my amazing husband Paul, who plays an important role in my personal growth and capacity to love both as a person, and as a therapist.

I’m also passionate about politics, cultural diversity, the arts, and music. And I have a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo, I’m a meditator, musician, and active community member.

Ongoing Specialty Training Modalities for the Treatment of Trauma:

EMDR Certified Therapist - EMDR International AssociationIFS: 2018 – Present – Certified IFS Therapist (2024), IFS Institute Level 2 Graduate (2023), Advanced IFS Training with Jay Earley, PhD (2020), IFS Online Circle Training (2018)

EMDR: 2016 – Present – Certified EMDR Therapist (2020) through EMDRIA under Phil Manfield, PhD and Nancy Joyce, LMFT

IFS-informed EMDR: 2019 – 2022 – IFS-informed EMDR with Bruce Hersey, LCSW, Training and Consultation

Hakomi: 2017 – 2020 – Hakomi Institute Graduate of 2-Year Professional Development Training Program in Berkeley, California

If you have any questions about me or how the work I do can help you, please feel free to contact me today at 510-735-8868 or email me at with any questions you have or to schedule a free, 20-minute, initial consultation. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you create a life that you truly love living!

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