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A Little More about How I Work…

Many of the people I help every day come to therapy because the coping strategies and techniques they’ve developed over time to handle life’s challenges no longer seem to be bringing the results they desire.

Others have suffered some type of single incident or long-term trauma that has fractured their authentic self and our work together becomes a process and journey of healing, reintegration, and profound growth.

Regardless of your reasons for seeking help, I believe therapy can help you deepen your self-understanding and restore balance, meaning, and joy to your relationships and your life.

As a psychotherapist who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m deeply interested in human relationships and cultural diversity and am passionate about helping people who have a profound desire to have more confidence in their journey:

My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is strength-based, interactive, holistic, and goal-oriented, embodying both my intensive professional training, as well as my personal struggles with trauma and navigating through the mental health system.

I know first hand the toll trauma can take on our lives, as well as how many of the problems we face often have some sort of trauma at their core… And I know how much counseling and therapy can help!

My personal experiences have not only provided me a unique perspective and help me understand my clients on a deeper level, they’ve also led to my extensive research and training in various experiential, somatic, and body-centered therapeutic techniques – such as Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and the Hakomi Method – that I’ve found to be particularly effective in helping people overcome single-incident and long-term trauma so they can move forward in their relationships and lives with confidence and optimism.

All of these experiences have led me to create Beyond Words Psychotherapy… because healing isn’t achieved through talking alone. We need to integrate our whole beings (body, mind, and spirit) to create the healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding relationships and lives we desire.

I work well with all populations, but my specialty and passion are working with those in the LGBT community and hetero-individuals.

My Work with the LGBT Community

I have a strong, personal investment in working within the LGBT community and teaching individuals how they can feel equal in a world that embraces sameness.

Together we’ll work on embracing a positive outlook while addressing the negativity that homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism has on the lives of LGBT individuals.

We can also work together to help you discover your personal strengths and unique sense of individuality, so you can more readily create the relationships and life you want and deserve.

My Work with Hetero-Individuals

The collaborative nature of the counseling and therapy services I provide is focused on helping you intentionally create positive, lasting change, so you can improve the quality of your relationships and your life…

And it all begins with the work we’ll do together to help you deepen your understanding of, and improve the relationship you have with, your SELF. Because your relationship with yourself lies at the heart of every other relationship you have.

Through the course of our work together, you’ll learn how to gently look inward, uncover the unconscious obstacles that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals, so you can improve your relationship with the outer world and live a life lead by your own personal values, integrity, and self-worth.

When all is said and done, I believe that each and every one of us deserves to freely give and receive love, and it’s both an honor and a privilege to help people create loving relationships and joyous, abundant lives by teaching them how to integrate the various aspects of their personalities and reminding them to love fiercely and soulfully, with healthy boundaries and a strong sense of self.

When you’re ready to gain clarity, reclaim control, navigate life from an authentic place, and realize your full potential, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 510-735-8868 or to schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to working with you and helping you create a life you truly love living!

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