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Three Important Reasons to Consider Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy

Three Important Reasons to Consider Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy

Unfortunately, emotional difficulties and mental illnesses are often stigmatized in our culture due to a lack of understanding. However, these types of problems are much more common than many people care to acknowledge. Moreover, they can be dealt with and overcome effectively using a variety of treatments, psychotherapy being foremost among them.

Not so long ago, mental illnesses were perceived as being obscure medical conditions that not only caused noticeable changes in an individual’s behavior, but caused them to be incapable of functioning in society.

While these types of mental illnesses do exist, countless individuals suffer from numerous, more subtle emotional, relationship, and mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, communication difficulties, anger management, and self-esteem issues, all of which can be treated with in-person and online counseling and psychotherapy.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of Americans benefit from professional counseling and psychotherapy each month.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

The many benefits of professional counseling and psychotherapy are much too numerous to cover in a brief article. However, some of the more important reasons why psychotherapy is so effective for so many Americans are:

  1. Psychotherapy can provide you objectivity about the difficulties you’re facing – In many instances, emotional and relationship difficulties that seem hopeless can be worked through and resolved simply by having somebody to talk to – somebody who has no preconceived notions of who you are, who can reserve all judgment, and who is solely focused on understanding you and helping you help yourself. The professional objectivity provided by a therapist who’s willing and available to listen when you need them can do wonders if you’re trying to overcome specific issues and move forward in life.
  2. Counseling and therapy can resolve countless mental health issues without the need for prescription drugs – While prescription drugs designed to help individuals cope with chronic or severe anxiety, depression, ADHD, and numerous other emotional conditions seem to be all the rage, they come with numerous problems that are often overlooked. Not only do these medications only treat the symptoms of the problem as opposed to its underlying causes, these drugs often require a life-time commitment to ever-increasing dosages and may cause any number of undesired side effects. In some cases, these side effects are even worse than the conditions the drugs are designed to alleviate. Effective psychotherapy takes time and may not be the “quick fix” some people are looking for. However, therapy is just as effective a treatment method as prescription medications, if not more so, without requiring the lifetime commitment to popping pills and unwanted side effects.
  3. Professional therapy can help you recognize and change behaviors that are keeping you from achieving your goals – Perhaps one of the most important benefits of psychotherapy is its ability to help individuals change the belief systems and behaviors that are adversely affecting their lives. A professional psychotherapist will work with you to help you determine the underlying reasons for your behaviors, as well as provide the skills and resources necessary for you to make alternative, more beneficial choices. In fact, psychotherapy’s ability to help individuals overcome the detrimental behavior patterns that keep them from achieving their goals is one of the reasons counseling and therapy has grown in popularity so much over the last couple of decades.

While many individuals seek out professional counseling and psychotherapy when looking for short-term solutions to emotional, relationship, and mental health issues, the numerous benefits of therapy reach far beyond temporary solutions to emotional problems and mental illnesses.

By helping individuals achieve greater self-understanding, view their particular situations in a different light, and determine, evaluate, and implement more beneficial responses and behaviors, psychotherapy helps thousands of people each and every day.

If you’re dealing with emotional, relationship, or mental health issues that seem beyond your ability to handle effectively, professional counseling and psychotherapy may well be the best first step you can take to overcome the problems you’ve been struggling with and move forward in life with confidence and optimism.

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